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We are currently accepting applications for Fall 2020 projects! Please submit your application for review by Monday, September 14. 


Applicants must be members of the UNCW community and agree to the requirements below to be considered for selection by the project review committee.

Projects that may expose the university to adverse publicity, require expenditures beyond the university's resources, or involve the university in unexpected responsibilities or are not consistent with the mission of the university will not be considered.


Questions? For more information, please contact Katherine McWane, at


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Tell us about your project

Which academic department, program or organization is this project most closely associated with?

Note: University Advancement staff may work with you to re-work your goal.

Ex: 20 home uniforms - $50 each, 20 away uniforms - $50 each, Total needed: $2,000

Please share any dates for conferences, tournaments, etc.

In other words, how many students will you have on your project team?

A team has 15 students and each has 100 email addresses to ask for a gift, their number is 1500.

How will you promote your campaign to them?


Note: Videos do not need to be professionally done. They can be created using iPhones, tablets, etc.
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