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Thanks for your interest in having your project hosted on Tealstarter, UNCW's official crowdfunding site! We are currently accepting applications for projects launching after April 17, 2020. 


Applicants must be UNCW students and agree to the requirements below to be considered for selection by the project review committee.

Projects that may expose the university to adverse publicity, require expenditures beyond the university's resources, or involve the university in unexpected responsibilities or are not consistent with the mission of the university will not be considered.

Questions? For more information, please contact Katherine McWane, at


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Which academic department, program or organization is this project most closely associated with?

What is your desired fundraising goal? (Suggested range is $1,000 - $10,000)*

Note: University Advancement staff may work with you to re-work your goal.

Please provide a general breakdown of how funds raised will be used for the project (i.e., your budget).*

When will the event you are fundraising for take place?*

Please share any dates for conferences, tournaments, etc.

Why do you think you will be successful in achieving your goal?*

If you do not reach your goal, are still able to proceed with your project?*

How many total students will be assisting the project leader(s) in soliciting gifts for the project?*

In other words, how many students will you have on your project team?

Multiply the TOTAL number of students on the project team by the number of their individual email contacts. What is this figure?*

A team has 15 students and each has 100 email addresses to ask for a gift, their number is 1500.

Who will be your primary audience(s) for your campaign?*

How will you promote your campaign to them?

Why would university-affiliated audiences be inspired to give to this project?*

What would the potential positive impact be to you, the campus or the community?*

How would completing this project help fulfill the mission of the department or group?*

A video is recommended prior to launching your page. Is your team or group willing to compile a short video?*

If you do not have existing video content, are you able to create a short video for your project page? Optional

Note: Videos do not need to be professionally done. They can be created using iPhones, tablets, etc.
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