About Tealstarter

Tealstarter is the official crowdfunding platform for the University of North Carolina Wilmington. 

Crowdfunding is an innovative and powerful tool that enables UNCW students to raise money for projects that will enrich their college experience. This is where imagination takes flight - and it starts with donors like you. Join them on their journey by making a gift and sharing their story.  

If you are a UNCW student interested in crowdfunding for your next project, please submit an application or contact Lauren King at kingl@uncw.edu


UNC Wilmington FAQ

Who is eligible to use Tealstarter?

Tealstarter is available to current UNCW students who have been approved to use the platform to solicit gifts for their university-related projects and initiatives. 


Are you a student interested in using Tealstarter? Apply here.

How are projects selected?

Projects are selected by the Tealstarter Project Review Committee, which reviews applications to ensure they meet the outlined criteria set forth by the university. Student project leaders must demonstrate a commitment to ensuring the project's success and adhere to appropriate outreach and stewardship of donors.   

Is my payment secure?

Yes. UNCW uses CyberSource that is PCI Level 1-compliant. When making a gift on Tealstarter you will be redirected to CyberSource which encrypts all of your information to securely process payments.

Are gifts made via Tealstarter tax-deductible?

Yes. All contributions received through Tealstarter are considered gifts to UNCW, which are tax deductible under the applicable sections of the Internal Revenue Service. Donors will receive an official tax receipt in the mail from Advancement Services at the University of North Carolina Wilmington. UNCW recommends that you consult a financial advisor on how tax laws may affect your personal circumstances or the deductibility of your gift. 

If I make a gift in support of a project on Tealstarter, will I be counted as a UNCW donor?

Yes! Your contribution may also count toward membership in UNCW's giving societies

What happens if a project does not reach its fundraising goal?

Funds raised will be made available to project teams, regardless of whether the project meets its fundraising goal. In the event that a project cannot be completed due to a shortfall, contributions will be retained by the sponsoring college, department or program to use on a similar project or priority as determined by university leadership. All contributions are gifts to the university and are non-refundable. 

What happens if a project exceeds its fundraising goal?

Additional gifts can be used to enhance or expand the project, or be retained by the college, department or program for use on a similar project or priority as determined by university leadership. 

Additional Questions?

Contact Lauren King, Director of Annual Giving, at kingl@uncw.edu.